Attendance Policy

The Board of Education of the City School District of Albany recognizes that student attendance in school is an important component of student success. Student interaction with teachers and other students in class helps to enhance the academic learning experience and provides a basis by which students can demonstrate mastery of subject matter.

In this regard and pursuant to Section 104.1 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, the Board of Education adopts this comprehensive attendance policy, containing the following components.

Beginning in the 2002-2003 school year, attendance in each school building shall be recorded as follows in the middle school and high school, after the taking of attendance in each period of scheduled instruction.

The following reasons for pupil absence, tardiness, and early departure shall be considered by the Board of Education to be excused:

  • illness
  • illness or death in the family
  • unsafe travel conditions
  • religious observance
  • medical appointment
  • quarantine
  • required court appearance
  • participation in a school-sponsored activity
  • approved college visit
  • approved cooperative work program
  • academic enrichment

Any other pupil absence, tardiness or early departure is considered by the board of education to be unexcused.

It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians of the student to notify the attendance office by telephone (475-6488) on the morning of the absence, tardiness or at the time of early departure as to the reason for such absence, tardiness or early departure. As a follow-up to any oral notification, parents/guardians to the student shall provide a written excuse within five (5) school days containing the date of the absence, tardiness, or early departure and reason for such. Lengthy or frequent absences with notes may be investigated. A doctor’s note verifying an absence is requested after the fifth (5) consecutive day. If not submitted after five (5) days it will be marked unexcused.

School and Class Tardiness Policy

The school expects students to attend school/be in class on time. Students who report to school late must report to the late desk with a note from their parent/doctor/dentist, etc. They must submit notes that contain the appropriate signatures and reasons for tardiness. The late desk will sign the students Agenda book and direct them to report to class. Students who are illegally tardy to school may expect to face disciplinary action.

If a student is in the hallway during a class period, he/she is expected to have a pass signed by a staff member. Student Agenda books are reserved for this purpose. Students who are found in the hallway during instructional time without an appropriate pass may expect to face disciplinary action.