Academic and Behavioral Expectations

Hackett Middle School expects all students to strive and obtain the highest scholastic and personal standards. Students will be directed to be responsible and respectful, and exhibit self-discipline regarding their academics and behavior. It is the expectation of our school that students will display positive leadership and strong organizational skills, use clear and appropriate communication, and take responsibility for their decisions and actions. Students MUST keep their Student Agenda Books with them at all times and are responsible for knowing and observing its policies. All pages are to remain in the agenda book all year. Students who lose their agenda, must purchase a new one for $3.00 at the student bookstore.

Prohibited Conduct and Behavior

When students are cooperative and respectful, teaching and learning occur. The school expects appropriate behavior and encourages it through our Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) program. On the first day of school, students are presented with their Student Agenda Book. Town Hall meetings are scheduled for each grade level to review student expectations for the school year. Parents are expected to read and review the Student Agenda Book with their child. Each student is responsible for knowing and observing the policies listed in this document while on school grounds, at the bus stop, walking to and from school, and at school and district sponsored activities. Parents and students are required to sign the Code of Conduct signature page and return them to the homeroom teacher.

Listed are some examples of unacceptable behavior. The range of consequences for all misbehavior is detention, in school suspension, short/long term out of school suspension and possible arrest.

  • Truancy, illegal tardiness, cutting classes and late to class.
  • Leaving school without permission
  • Walking out / disruption of class
  • Play fighting / horseplay / fighting - (automatic school suspensions)
  • Possession, use, or sale of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
  • Any gang-related activity
  • Causing a false-alarm, including dialing 911 or a bomb threat
  • Theft or destruction of property
  • Indecent exposure, sexual misconduct, or harassment
  • Wearing inappropriate or disruptive clothing (see Dress Code)
  • Possession of permanent markers, spray paint, paint markers, and any tools for the purpose of graffiti and/or destruction of school property
  • Extortion, assault, possession of a weapon or dangerous instrument, possession / use of a self-defense spray
  • Any unauthorized use of equipment endangering students
  • Engaging in any form of academic misconduct such as plagiarism, cheating, copying, altering records, or assisting another student in the above actions

NOTE: In accordance with the Gun-Free Act, a student in possession of a firearm is subject to a minimum of one-year suspension.

Cell Phones / Electronic Devices

Cell phones can be a convenient means of communication; however, students are not permitted to use cell phones during the school day. Cell phones must be turned off prior to entering the building. Students who have their cell phones (this includes text messaging and/or taking pictures) and/or electronic devices out/on during the school day will have them taken away. All items confiscated will not be returned to students at the end of the school day. Parents will be contacted to arrange the return of all electronic devices.

Hall Behavior

Students should walk to the right in halls and on stairways, moving without stopping, keeping their hands to themselves, and cooperating with staff members. Individuals are not to yell or use profane/abusive language. Students who are not at their assigned locations must have a signed agenda book. Periodic hall sweeps will be conducted to ensure that all students arrive to class on time. Students caught in a hall sweep without an acceptable pass will be assigned to in-school suspension for the remainder of the school day.

Food and Drink

Students are expected to adhere to the classroom expectations and procedures regarding all food and drink items. This includes, but is not limited too: gum, candy, sunflower seeds, bottled beverages, slushies, etc. Repeated non-compliance to classroom and school expectations and procedures could result in a referral for defiance.

Personal Possessions, Valuables, and Lost and Found

The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items - students should leave valuables at home and should not give locker combinations to anyone. Students who find items should turn them into the main office. Students who have lost items should file a report with Mr. Dittmer, Building Security Director, in the main office

The administration strongly discourages students from bringing items to school that disrupt the educational process: IPods, PSP’s, Walkman®, Discman® and portable CD players, portable radios, MP3 players, electronic games, pagers, skateboards, Tec-Decs, stink bombs, dice, playing or trading cards, magic cards, water guns, and laser pointers. Students in possession of these items may expect to face disciplinary action.


The school assigns lockers to students. Students are responsible for the security and care of the lockers. Individuals may not switch lockers and should not give their locker combinations to other students. Lockers are district property – the administration reserves the right to search them at any time. Students are able to use their lockers prior to the start of first period, before their assigned lunch period, at the end of the school day or with staff permission and a hall pass.

Student Searches and Interrogations

Student lockers, desks, and other such storage spaces remain the exclusive property of the school and students have no expectations of privacy with respect to those areas. Any search of school property assigned to a specific student may be made if authorized school officials have a reasonable suspicion to believe that the property contains an item that constitutes a violation of the law, the district Code of Conduct, or threatens the disruption of the educational process.


If the student does not return his/her textbook or pay the replacement cost of the textbook should it be lost or stolen, he/she will not be able to participate in any school based extra-curricular activities such as field trips, dances, school performances and other special events. Also, math & science assign several books in a textbook series throughout the school year. No student will be issued the next volume in the series of texts until the previous one has been handed in or paid for. NOTE: Any 8th grader owing textbooks at the end of the school year will NOT participate in the graduation ceremony.


The telephone in the main office is for business and emergency use only – secretaries will not permit students to make social telephone calls during school hours. Students should have a signed agenda book to come to the office to use the phone. Students are expected to arrange transportation for after school activities the day before the activity. The nurse will contact parents when the student is ill.


The school breakfast program is from 7:45 am until 8:00 am and provides a healthy morning meal to children in school. Every school breakfast includes milk, fruit or juice and bread or a bread alternative such as muffins or cereal. The program follows the same income guidelines as the district’s lunch program.

Students may bring lunches or purchase hot/cold meals, salads, beverages, and snacks. Regular prices are $1.25 for breakfast and $2.25 for lunch. Students/Families may qualify for free and reduced meals and can obtain the appropriate forms in the main office. Snacks and a la carte are not part of the free and reduced plans. Students must bring additional monies for these items. Hackett Middle School expects students to respect their peers, property, and staff members during their designated lunch periods. Individuals must remain seated except to purchase items or place trash in the receptacles. Students are to leave tables and floors clean and may not take food or beverages from the cafeteria. Student involved in food-fights may be subject to out-of school suspension.

Hackett Middle School Disciplinary Actions

  • Teacher Detention - Teachers may assign detention before school, after school, or during lunch, based on classroom policies. Parents will be notified via telephone call, prior to the student serving the detention.
  • Administrative Detention - Administration may assign lunch or after school detention based upon violation of school and/or classroom policies. Parents will be notified via telephone call, prior to the student serving the detention.
  • In-School Detention - Students may be assigned to In-school suspension for behaviors that are deemed unacceptable by the District’s Code of Conduct. Students assigned to In-school suspension must remain at school until 4:00 PM. Students demonstrating unacceptable behavior while assigned to ISS will be suspended out-of-school. Upon returning from suspension, students MUST fulfill the previously assigned In-School suspension.
  • Out-of-School Suspension - Students may be assigned to Out-of -school suspension for behaviors that are deemed unacceptable by the District’s Code of Conduct. Students whose behaviors are deemed to be disruptive and/or violent in nature may also be subject to a Safe School Hearing.