Dress Code

Hackett Middle School requires students to dress appropriately for school and extracurricular activities. The school does not permit clothing, shoes, or jewelry – or articles worn as such – that are distracting, hinder the educational process or constitute a safety issue.

All Students

  • Jewelry and hairstyle will be moderate and not interfere with the learning process. In such areas where jewelry or hair may pose a health or safety risk, the instructor will ask students to remedy the situation.
  • Clothing will be free of abusive or suggestive language as well as any “pro-drug” or alcohol statements. This includes all R.I.P. shirts.
  • Pants will fit appropriately around the waist. Students with oversized pants will wear a belt. A belt must be properly worn on the body at all times.
  • Short shorts and cutoffs are not permitted.
  • All outerwear, including: ski masks, hats and sunglasses, and coats/jackets will not be permitted indoors. These items are to be secured in lockers at the start of the school day.
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.
  • No hair brushes/cosmetics in class.
  • No garments that could conceal a person’s identity. Example: Over-sized hooded sweatshirts, facial masks, ski masks, wide hair bands, etc…
  • No dog tags.
  • No rubberized wristbands.
  • No articles of clothing related to gang affiliation.

Female Students

  • Tops will reach the waistband of the pants or skirts and should be able to be tucked in (no belly button exposure)
  • Necklines will be of a modest cut
  • Skirt length will be a minimum of mid-thigh
  • Shorts will be of length that is not distracting (no gym shorts)
  • No bandanas, doo rags or hats
  • No high platform shoes
  • No pajamas or slippers

Male Students

  • No muscle shirts
  • No bandanas, doo rags or hats
  • No bellies are to show
  • No pant legs rolled up
  • Boxer shorts are not to be seen
  • Shorts will be of length that is not distracting (no gym shorts)


Student may be sent home to change or offered an alternative garment to wear. If a student is unable to be sent home or refuses to change, the student will be sent to In-School Suspension for the day and a parent conference will be arranged.

Administration reserves the right to modify this dress code as necessary to maintain a safe and orderly school environment.