Health Policy


All seventh grade students and new entrants to the Albany School District are required to have a physical examination. The school physician will perform the physical examination at school unless a form indicating that the exam has been performed by the student’s own physician is submitted to the Health office by October 1. These forms are available at doctors’ offices.


Before your child enters 6th grade a Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) immunization shot is required.

Before your child returns to 7th grade a MCV (meningococcal) immunization shot is required

Please contact your health care provider to ensure that your child has these vaccines prior to starting school next year and provide paper copies of their immunization record to the school nurse.

Medication to be Taken at School

If a student is required to take prescription medication during the school day, a physician’s written order for the use of the medication must be submitted to the health office together with the medication. The school nurse cannot give non-prescription medicine such as aspirin and cough syrup to students. This is a state law.

Doctor / Dentist Appointments

Students who must leave for a medical or dental appointment must bring in a written request to the attendance office at the beginning of first period. The request must state the time the student is to be dismissed. This will be verified by a phone call.


A written excuse for any absence must be submitted to the attendance clerk upon the student’s return to school. The excuse should state the student’s name, the reason for the absence, the date(s) of the absence and the signature of the parent or guardian. If the student will be absent from school more than three days for any reason, the school must be notified according to state regulations. Please call the Main Office at 475-6475 and ask to be transferred to the attendance office, to report the reason for the absence. If you know your child will have to be absent for an extended period, contact the guidance office for missing assignments at 475-6482.


It is extremely important that the school have an emergency phone number where a parent or guardian can be reached if necessary. A form will be sent home and it should be returned to the health office as soon as possible. Any physical or emotional problem, which your child may have, should be reported to the health office the first week of school, or at any time a problem occurs during the school year. Please inform the health office of recent immunizations, illness or accidents so that proper provisions can be made for your child and the health record can be kept up to date.

Medical Excuse for Physical Education

A student unable to take physical education for health reasons must provide a note from his/her physician each year in order to be excused from this subject. This is a NYS requirement. The physician’s order should be submitted to the health office on the first day of school.


Contact the school nurses (518)475-6482, fax (518)475-6487.